Reckoning for the Dead

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Reckoning for the Dead

A Sweet Justice Novel

Reckoning for the Dead is a book, with two parallel storylines, about choices and how the past affects the choices made and how they, in turn, affect what happens next. It is also a book about the consequences the choices have: individually and on others (in ever widening circles) and how each person deals with those choices.

When Alexa Marlowe goes to Mexico to find out more about what may have happened to her boss, and ex-lover, she finds that things are not what she expected in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Jessie is facing part of her past, finds unexpected news and comes to a new point in her life.

I enjoyed reading Reckoning and the twists and turns the author provided for the characters. In the end, the characters' choices were right for them, even if the choices may not have been the easiest ones to make (especially in Jessie's case), and it is that which makes the story a great read.

I look forward to more books within the Sweet Justice series.

Book Blurb for Reckoning for the Dead

The official story is that Garrett Wheeler, the Sentinels' chief, is dead--killed in a covert op gone horribly wrong.

But Alexa Marlowe--his ex-lover and most trusted agent--isn't buying it.

Overnight, a new leader has mysteriously assumed control of the elite vigilante organization, a man Alexa Marlowe can't afford to trust. In search of Garrett and the truth, she goes rogue and off the grid, following a deadly trail that leads into Mexico, behind the fortress walls of a murderous drug cartel boss. Alone, Alexa has no one to watch her back, not even her new partner, Jessie. Ex-bounty hunter, Jessie Beckett, has troubles of her own. Her world is turned upside down when her DNA turns up as evidence in a gruesome murder committed when Jessie was only a child, before her life was shattered by an infamous killer. Solving a very cold case may hold the key to who she really is or kill the only memory she has of a woman she believes is her mother.

For Alexa and Jessie, the dead must have a reckoning.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50