Play Dead

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Play Dead

Supermodel Laura Ayars and Celtics star David Baskin are on their honeymoon when, one afternoon, David goes for a swim and doesn't come back. What follows is Laura's quest in search of what really happened that leads her to unravel a skein of lies and deception that reaches back before she was born. Even as she searches, a rookie that seemingly comes out of nowhere makes a debut at the Boston Garden that makes several people nervous...

While I enjoyed it overall and would read the author again, I don't know if I really cared for the sports elements too much. Laura, David, Gloria (Laura's sister), and Judy Simmons (Laura's aunt) are personable characters and likable. Sinclair and Stan Baskin (David's father and brother, respectively) aren't entirely likeable for various reasons, although Stan does find some redeeming qualities within himself. Terry "T.C." Conroy, David's best friend, is a good friend to David, but is, for me, one of those characters that a reader can both hate to like and like to hate at the same time.

This is the first book I have read by Harlan Coben and I found it to be an interesting read. It had many twists and turns, going in some expected directions and others that are not so expected. 

Book Blurb for Play Dead

Harlan Coben's first novel, now back in print.

No sooner had supermodel Laura Ayers and Celtics star David Baskin said "I do" than tragedy struck. While honeymooning on Australia's Great Barrier Reed, David went out for a swim-and never returned. Now widowed and grieving, Laura's search for the truth will draw her into a web of lies and deception that stretches back thirty years...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.75