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While Jane Austen may not be the perfect fit as an author for everyone, I quite enjoyed reading Persuasion. I think that, of the books that I have read by Jane Austen, it is my favorite.

The reason for that is that it includes a smaller cast of characters than the others that I have read (and I have not read all of her books) and, yet, still manages to convey how the social classes operated within their milieus, how different members of the same family could be close and yet far apart, and also have things work out in the end for the best. Even if the best may not be what some of the characters may have expected.

The portrayal of the way of life within the "system" - the gossiping, the scheming (some even well-intentioned), the misunderstandings, etc. - is what I really liked about Persuasion along with the characters of Anne, her sister Mary (if not her sister Elizabeth), and Captain Wentworth.

Book Blurb for Persuasion

Once so much to each other!

Now nothing!

Ann Elliot has only one regret: that she listened to her family and broke off her engagement to Captain Wentworth. He was poor, but they were in love-and she didn't realize that love was enough. But Anne has a new chance: Captain Wentworth has returned from the Royal Navy. With everything stacked against her, can she overcome their heartbreak and persuade him to love her again?

Beautifully presented for a modern teen audience, Jane Austen's masterpiece is one of the most enduring stories about the resilience of love.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50