Owner of My Heart

Mending the Rift

Conflict, grief, politics, war: Owner of My Heart has it all. It is a relatively short read, but it is well-crafted and has done the material justice. Merin and Rin are perfect foils for each other, Merin is strong when Rin needs it and Rin steps up and grows stronger when Merin needs him to be so. I liked that, as opposed to King's Conquest, Owner of My Heart was told from Merin's point-of-view (which is a nice way the two stories mesh) and provides the "next step" in their story. The only questions I had at the end of the story were: Why couldn't there have been more of it (not because it needed it, but just because I would have liked there to be more)? And, when is the next story coming out?

Merin and Rin have lost their children and Rin is grieving. Rin's grieving has to take a back seat due to the machinations of an attacker that is still around and because his and Merin's kingdom must prepare for war. Will they be able to find a way to save themselves and their kingdom? What will happen if they can't? Can the once separate kingdoms find a way to work together, to forge a bond as strong as their rulers have forged? And will Merin be able to keep his fears at bay in order to ensure a new generation will follow in the face of what happened to his children?

Book Blurb for Owner of My Heart

When his children are taken away from him without living at all, Merin is at the end of his rope and still has to save Rin from the clutches of sorrow. But not even in his grief can he find peace, because the attacker is plotting and his newly united kingdom must prepare for war against a vicious invading army.

Will working together save the kingdom--and their family--from giving in to the continuing challenges? Can love truly conquer all or will their enemies finally achieve victory?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title includes HFN ending. (79 pages)

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.50