Out of Time

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Out of Time

While I generally would like seeing novellas in a longer length for one reason or another (and those range from wanting to know more about the characters, to not wanting the story to end, to other, less savory reasons), Out of Time is exactly the perfectly length for its story. That isn't to say that I wouldn't mind seeing the characters in other stories - I would like to see more of them.

However, Ms. London presented Edward's evolvement within his new life in just the right proportion. The novella read like a well-balanced meal that neither left the reader starving nor feeling reading to burst. The glimpses into Edward's and Ambrus's courtship read like a dance where the partners move apart only to rejoin when the steps allow in a well coordinated effort. Very enjoyable.

Book Blurb for Out of Time

Ambrus travels in space and time, a mature and confident vampire, not looking for any permanent companion. Then in the bloody trenches of WWI, he meets Edward, a beautiful young soldier turned vampire against his will and fighting his fate with bitter anger and resentment. Ambrus is irresistibly drawn to him but Edward rejects him at first. What then follows is a strange, anguished courtship throughout the century, as Ambrus seeks to help Edward find his own way to peace as an immortal, and Edward learns what real love - and a real lover - is.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00