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If you were given a singer as a gift, would you welcome the gift? What if you were an officer in the Queen's Navy, would you appreciate the gift?  Aranion is not only a naval officer, but a prince of Yshan as well, and he does not want the young man as a gift.  He does, however, find Melan attractive - even more so the more time he spends in the singer's company.

It is when disaster finds Aranion at sea that tests the prince's true mettle and shows him the lengths he, himself, is willing to go to find his shy songbird.

Nightingale is a fantastic story about what happens when a tried and true navy man finds himself gifted, unexpectedly, with song.  It also tells about what happens to that man when the song is taken away from him - and how he finds out what is truly important in his life. A highly recommended read!

Book Blurb for Nightingale

When Aranion, prince of Yshan and officer in the Queen's Navy, is given a singer for the winter solstice, he neither needs nor wants the young man. But when circumstances throw them together, Aranion finds himself attracted to the shyly charming Melan. And when a disaster at sea threatens to drive them apart, Aranion may have to sacrifice all to get his nightingale back.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50