Momentos: Mick's Journey

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Momentos: Mick's Journey

For me, Momentos was a good, enjoyable read, although I think I preferred reading Tono much better. (I have not, as yet, read Loving Edits.)

The good points for me is seeing Mick and Paul and how they met, their relationship, and then Mick and Tono and how they met. Those points do show Mick's journey and its highs and lows.

What, to me, looks like an omission - and also is, for me, part of Mick's journey - is Mick's MS. At what point did he know he had it? How did he deal with diagnosis? How and when did he break it to Tono and Paul? While the answers to these questions could very well have been answered in Loving Edits, I think they could have been at least addressed in part in the story as, for me, it goes from what looks like when Mick and Tono were establishing their relationship to Mick's final moments. Outside of this, wonderful read.

Book Blurb for Momentos: Mick's Journey

Before Mick Henley brought Paul Alcott and Tono Garat together in Loving Edits, it was simply Mick and Paul, two optimistic teenagers who began a love affair that would span twelve years-and leave an indelible mark in their lives.

The passionate young lovers shared a series of firsts before Paul's harsh father drove a wedge between them, shattering their dreams and destroying everything Mick believed to be true about love. After Paul's defection, Mick met Tono, a closeted Spanish athlete, who helped heal his broken heart.

From passionate highs to heartbreaking lows, Mick inspires the two most important men in his life and brings them together with his impending death. They'll learn that all their memories, even the most difficult to bear, are precious and that love is the most amazing journey of all.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.75