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Apotheosis: Book Three

While I can't compare it to the first two books in the trilogy, not having read them, I think that Messiah is a solidly written book that delivers quite a punch.

The facet of the book that really made it stand out for me is how the different strands were tied together - through the plotlines and through the characters.

The standout characters for me were the two Toni Valentines' for their never say die attitude, Nickolai Rajasthan for - in his own way - rising above his beliefs while staying true to them, Flynn for being himself - which changed how his compatriots looked at him, and Father Mallory for trying to do what was right in spite of the opposition against it.

Very good read

Book Blurb for Messiah

The last stand against the self-proclaimed God, Adam, has retreated to the anarchic planet Bakunin-a world besieged by civil war. Humanity's last hope lies with Nickolai Rajasthan, a Moreau who believes that the human race that created his kind is already damned beyond redemption.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00