Memories Erased


Memories Erased is about family, love, and about stepping up because of both of those ties. It is also a mystery about what happened to two sisters who didn't survive an apparent car accident and a baby that did.

Ewyn would rather not be in the position he is in - head of the family - but he does what is necessary and, to me, he is stronger for his family and partner than he believes (in spite of, or maybe because of, his past). Devin is, due to both his job and his nature, a bit overprotective of Ewyn, but not so much so that he would wrap Ewyn up in cotton (even if he may want to).

I liked how the different characters interacted and how the story wound its way through the twists and turns to the conclusion it did.

Great read.

Book Blurb for Memories Erased

Two years ago, Ewyn Calderone escaped the subjugation of domestic violence. The love and support of Devin Nilsson helped Ewyn reclaim his self-esteem. Now his fragile self-confidence is tested when his brother, the Calderone mob boss, vanishes, Ewyn becomes head of the family, and his pregnant niece and her sister die in a purported accident. The baby survives and Ewyn becomes guardian.

Days later, police report the deaths are homicides then ask about the women's dubious lifestyles. Ewyn has no answers and the panic of self-doubt re-emerges. To alleviate Ewyn's angst, Devin enlists law enforcement friends to help unravel the mystery of paternity, the nieces' lives and deaths, and stop a killer before the child becomes the next victim.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50