Man Down

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Man Down

Jessie Goodson is on his way to becoming a paramedic, but the past he would like to leave behind, catches up to him in some ways one day.  Randal Connors is a paramedic and is going to be training a couple of the soon to be paramedics in Jessie's class, with a definite "hands off" policy towards the students.

Will the man who is broken and scarred be able to shine through and will the veteran paramedic hold fast to his own rule?

An interesting read and it seemed much longer than it actually was - in a very good way.  Not only does it show how the past can shape people, but how they are able to overcome the past.  I liked the characters both because they were vibrant and believable and because of the way they interacted with each other.  The book ended much too soon for my tastes and I wished it was a lot longer.

Book Blurb for Man Down

Genre: Contemporary, Gay (m/m), Romance 
Pages: 76
Flame Rating: 4 Flames 
This lesson plan includes heat and passion. 
All Jessie Goodson wants to do is put the past behind him and focus on his dreams of becoming a paramedic. Broken and scarred in more ways than one, he yearns to prove to everyone who's ever doubted him that he can make something of himself. Determined to succeed, the last thing he wants is anything or anyone to distract him from his goal.
Randal Connors's job is to train new medics, it sure as hell isn't to mess around them. Especially a certain blond, who's not only way too young for him, but haunted by a secret past. But forbidden or not, Randal still finds himself becoming more attracted to Jessie with each passing day.
Then the explosive details of Jessie's secrets come out and Randal knows he can't turn his back on the man. But in helping Jessie, will Randal lose everything he has?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50