Long Way Home

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Long Way Home

Secrets, deception, "what might have beens", and finding love thanks to an old friend. That is Long Way Home in a nutshell. It is also about the past and how it can catch up with a person, no matter how buried that person may want it.

It is a story of three people - Lee Nelson, Gevan Sinclair, and Stefan Sinclair - coming to terms with the past and a tentative future. It is Stefan who brings his brother Gevan together with Lee, albeit anonymously, and starts a domino effect that puts Gevan and Lee in danger, especially Gevan.

As different facts come to light, both Lee and Gevan, as well as assorted friends and family members, are put to the test. It is how things will fall out in the end that is the question.

I liked how well the story and characters were put together. Lee is reserved because of his past, but not entirely by choice. Gevan, I think, would like to have more of a hardened shell, but is what he is and tries to be at peace with himself. I also liked how Gevan's sister and Lee's bandmates come to help them in their own way.

Great read.

Book Blurb for Long Way Home

Musician Lee Nelson is determinedly single. His bandmates don't even know he is gay. He's managed to keep that important fact about himself, as well as any details of his painful past, out of conversation. But the past starts to catch up with him when the band travels to Dallas, Texas, and an anonymous gift of ballet tickets leads him to ballet dancer Gevan Sinclair--his first love's brother.

Gev is a professional ballet dancer, but just as the past has its grip on Lee Nelson, so too does Gev struggle--namely, with the disappearance of his brother, Stefan. Gev had always had a crush on Lee Nelson, but crushes are for kids and he'd forgotten all about Lee until the day he looked up after a performance and saw him in the balcony, hungrily watching his every move.

Gev and Lee are drawn together when Gev's roommate is killed, and they must face their fears and escape the stranglehold of the past to solve the mystery that keeps them apart...and make a long journey home.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50