Life over Limb

EMS Heat # 11

I think that, at the heart of the story, it is about, well, heart and caring. Both Tanner and Ricky have issues in their lives, emotional and physical, and work their way through them and around them.

I liked reading how both Ben and Tanner worked on 'nagging' Ricky into taking better care of himself and how Ricky's family welcomed Tanner into theirs.

I would have liked to see the relationship develop over a longer period of time and to see what comes next for both of them, but the story is great within the length it is written in.

Book Blurb for Life over Limb

After a patient tragically dies while under his care, mobile trauma nurse Tanner withdraws into himself. No longer working out in the field, he's stuck on the midnight shift at St. Anthony's Hospital and with each passing day, he sinks deeper into depression.

Ricky loves his job as a radiology tech. While he enjoys working with patients, the highlight of his day used to be when Tanner would bring a patient into the hospital. Although the nurse's flirting was sometimes over the top, Ricky found himself growing attracted to the man. So when he learns that Tanner has taken a full-time job at the hospital, Ricky is excited...until he realizes that Tanner is a shell of the man he used to be. Ricky vows that no matter what he has to do, he will bring Tanner out of his depression. Will Ricky be able to make Tanner want to embrace life again? Or will Ricky lose the nurse to his own inner demons?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50