Legends of the Dragonrealm Vol. III

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Legends of the Dragonrealm Vol. III

I have always liked stories involving dragons. So, between that and an intriguing blurb, I picked up Legends of the Dragonrealm Vol. III.

While I did enjoy reading the stories in this volume and having a glimpse into the Dragonrealm, I might have enjoyed reading them more if, perhaps, I either read tham at a different time or have read the other two volumes first.

Mr. Knaak's writing sets a great pace and the world of Dragonrealm is set in a well-developed setting with memorable characters.

Even though, at this time, this glimpse into the Dragonrealm has not caught my interest, it is interesting enough that I will certainly try reading more of the storeis sometime in the future.

Book Blurb for Legends of the Dragonrealm Vol. III

The epic fantasy series Legends of the Dragonrealm continues in this omnibus edition by New York Times bestselling author Richard A. Knaak...including three bonus novellas in print for the first time!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50