Leaves of Flame

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Leaves of Flame

Leaves of Flame was the first book I read by Benjamin Tate and I really enjoyed reading the book. The book drew me in from the first and kept me hooked until the last page. What I like most about the book is how, for me, there is a seemless blending between the story and the characters to the interactions between the characters to the appearances between the public and private states of each character.

While there is enough reference to the first part of the story, and Leaves of Flame can stand alone from the first book in my opinion, it might be better to read the stories in order.

Many years have passed since a peace was brokered between the human, dwarren and Alvritshai races by Colin Harten - a human that has, since then, been something more due to the Lifeblood that course his veins. He fights the sukrael (dark spirits) and the Wraiths that are the sukrael creations in the physical world while all three empires have expanded their borders.

But he cannot do this alone and more and more Wells are awakened across the land and sukrael power keeps extending across the land. To protect the races Colin has gifted each race with a special Tree and, to keep the balance, some Wells have been left open.

There is a new problem, however, in that the Well that controls the whole network has been found by the enemy and if a solution can't be found it could spell the end for all three races.

Book Blurb for Leaves of Flame

Colin has become a master of three of the five magics, and has gifted the human, Dwarren, and Alvritshai races with magical protective Trees. But the power of the dark spirits is spreading despite this. Can Colin unite the races against this menace and prevent their enemy from complete control of the land's magic?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00