Last Chance Ranch

For me, the heart of Last Chance Ranch is about opportunities and what you make of them.

The men who call the ranch home were given the opportunity to have a second chance at life. They all came there for different reasons and stayed because they found a home. With new arrivals (those that stay and those that don't) this may all come crashing down.

The arrivals also show the theme. One takes the opportunity he is offered, works hard, makes friends and finds his second chance. The other doesn't quite take to his new surroundings. He is given his walking papers, but he may have a chance at redemption.

Great story.

Book Blurb for Last Chance Ranch

In the rough desert country of New Mexico, Ben Johnson runs a horse ranch called the Bar J. More than a business, the ranch is home to a collection of drifters, gamblers, drunks, and gunslingers, all of whom have found a second chance at life. What’s more, the ranch is a haven for men who prefer the company of other men, like Ben himself.

He and his young lover, Obie, deal with the everyday running of the Bar J and try to keep their ranch hands out of trouble. But when the arrival of strangers brings threats from without and within, Obie and Ben find out who their friends truly are and whether the strength of their love can see them through.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50