Larkspur Road

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Larkspur Road

Lonesome Way, #2

Travis Tanner and Mia Quinn are the main characters in the book and certainly are an integral part of the story. What made Larkspur Road stand out for me are the secondary stories revolving around Grady (Travis's 10-year-old adopted son), Brittany (Mia's niece), and the feud that had sprung up between Alicia Rae Clayton (AMia's grandmother) and Winona "Winny" Pruitt (Alicia's sister) many years before the book's storyline. The best parts of the book are, for me, the setting, the characters and their problems (for the reader - or at least this reader - is right there wanting Mia's and Travis's relationship to work out, to find out the details to the feud, and to have a good ending to Brittany's woes), and how everything is woven together. A nice, feel-good read and I look forward to reading more of Jill Gregory's books in the future.

Mia Quinn was looking forward to a relaxing summer in her hometown doing some quilting and looking after a new addition to her household - Samson, a rescue dog. Her plans are thrown out the window with the arrival of not only her nice, but of a former flame asking her to tutor his son. While sparks certainly fly between them, will it be enough to build a relationship on? And, when Mia's great-aunt needs help, will Mia finally be able to find out what caused the fued that separated the two sisters many years ago?

Book Blurb for Larkspur Road

In this touching new novel by New York Times bestselling author Jill Gregory, a woman comes face to face with a love from her past and finds the chance to heal…  

Fifth grade teacher Mia Quinn expected a tranquil summer in her hometown of Lonesome Way, Montana, sewing for her quilting group’s exhibition fundraiser and caring for her rescued dog, Samson. But all her plans for a relaxing break are thrown out the window when Travis Tanner—the boy who broke her heart in high school—returns to town with his ten year old adopted step-son.

A former FBI agent, the boy Mia once knew is now well over six feet of male muscle—and he still has the power to make Mia lose her train of thought with just a glance. When Travis asks her to tutor his troubled son, Mia quickly discovers that the sparks between them are hotter than ever. As danger comes to Lonesome Way and family secrets come to light, will Travis and Mia realize that love can be even better the second time around?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50