Krakow Waltz

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Krakow Waltz

Krakow Waltz provided me, as a reader, quite a few hours of enjoyment on a couple different levels.

I liked the characters - the primary characters of Henry Champion and Annabel as well as the secondary characters of Marek Ralenski, Count Zakonski and Annabel's brother-in-law, County Szalynski - and I liked the overall storyline.

I also enjoyed the feel that Ms. Allan provided of the city of the time - the mood of the people, the factionalization, and how someone unfamiliar with its streets can get lost there.

What provided a nostalgic enjoyment for me is reading the street and, like with Kosciol Mariacki, place names and being able to say "Oh, I know where that is" and be able to smile fondly in reminiscence.

One minor sticking point for me (which does not take away from the story) is that Tadeusz Kosciuszko's last name was misspelled in a couple pages, although it was spelled correctly the first time.

Book Blurb for Krakow Waltz

Historical English Tea Rose
Rating: Sensual Page Count: 242

The Honorable Miss Annabel Wells needs to marry to save her reputation. Yet even in her dire straits she cannot bring herself to accept Mr. Henry Champion, an ordinary English gentleman without property or pedigree, no matter what she feels about him. She marries a Polish count but when her husband is killed in a duel and Henry comes all the way across Europe to her rescue, can there be a second chance for love?

Leaving behind the drawing rooms of High Society London where he's feted as a Waterloo hero, Henry Champion finds more danger lurking in the dark streets of the city of Krakow than he bargained for.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00