Karma Chameleon

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Karma Chameleon

Arden is not the type of person who takes life too seriously. After all, he is good friends with shapeshifters and he is in what is, for him, the longest relationship he has been in with Shavey, who is the only person he has met who gives Arden as good as he gets.

While he does have some good qualities, those have not, to date, been enough for anyone to stay in Arden's life when compared to his lewdness, crudeness, shamelessness and his being a self-admitted pain in the backside. Arden would like to be the kind of person Shavey (whom he loves) wants, but Arden is not the type of man to pretend that he is something that he is not.

What does that leave him with? Waiting for the other shoe to drop in spite of Shavey's promises to the contrary. After all, Arden has heard it all before. It is when Arden needs Shavey's help in order to break a chameleonic curse that, to slightly misquote a phrase, could leave the proof in the pudding....especially since Shavey isn't entirely keen on magic.

The humor is one of the things that stood out for me in Karma Chameleon. Especially the "psychokitty" and how he deals with the characters (and vice versa). Another is the characters: Arden and how he hides his insecurities behind his less than endearing qualities, Shavey and his love and loyalty, TJ just for being himself and Macgowan who wants to help his friends...and knows that the best way to do that is to not help at all and let them figure things out for themselves. A final thing that caught my attention is that the story seems a lot longer than it is and leaves the reader (or at least this one) wishing that there were a few more pages to it.

Book Blurb for Karma Chameleon

Genre: LGBT Shape-shifter Paranormal
Length: Novella

Arden doesn't usually take life that seriously. Why should he? He's got good if weird shape-shifting-inclined friends and he's grooving the mother of all extended hookups with Shavey, the only man Arden's ever met who gives as good as he gets and takes as vigorously as he receives -- and that's just in bed. He's living the sweet life, right?

Arden freely admits he's a pain in the ass. He's lewd, crude, shameless, and very nearly a nymphomaniac. Sure, he's got some good qualities, but that's never before been enough for someone he loved to stick around. Though he loves Shavey and wishes he could be the kind of long-term lover Shavey wants, Arden can't pretend to be something he's not.

The only place that leaves him is waiting for that other shoe to drop--drop-kick him out the door, that is. Though Shavey promises otherwise, Arden's heard that song and dance before. He's not buying it.

But that's all before Arden needs Shavey's help breaking a chameleonic shapeshifting curse. In return, there are a few things big bad bear Shavey would like to ask for -- and intends to prove to Arden -- in return.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50