Jane Eyre (Splinter Edition)

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Jane Eyre (Splinter Edition)

Jane Eyre is the kind of book I like to re-read every few years. It may not be the best form of literary fiction for some readers, but it is a good read.

For me, it has several elements that I look for when in the mood for a certain type of reading. One element is a rough up-bringing that allows for a strong backbone. A second one is, for the majority of the book, a fine place to work in. Another element is a position at said hall as a governess. A fourth element is an employer who offers the possibility of more and, yet, has secrets (fifth element). Finally, a certain Gothic ambiance.

While the characters and storyline are, in various ways, stereotypical for this type of book, I find them comforting when picking this book up and enjoyable for that reason.

Book Blurb for Jane Eyre (Splinter Edition)

Fiery passion, shocking secrets, and a compelling, vulnerable heroine in peril have made Jane Eyre an enduring favorite. When Jane becomes governess at gloomy Thornfield Hall, she falls deeply in love with the brooding, tormented Edward Rochester--and he with her. But soon Jane realizes that the house holds terrifying mysteries. What is Rochester hiding from Jane? Will their smoldering relationship survive--or will Jane be left heartbroken and exiled?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00