Jack and Dave

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Jack and Dave

Dave Henderson has mustered out of the Marine Corps, is home, and glad of it. He is drawn to Jack Stonner when they meet at a party Dave's neighbor throws for Dave. The initial attraction - and the seduction that Dave initiates - grows into something more.

All is not wine and roses, however, because Dave comes to the attention of a local mobster by the name of Franklin Venchenzo. The attention is further complicated when Franklin draws Dave's employment into it by insisting (via Dave's boss at the law firm he works at) that Dave be the one to deliver the paperwork.....and Franklin is the kind of person who gets whatever he wants. What remains to be seen is who will win in the end.

I have read a few of Mr. Simpson's books and have liked them all and that includes Jack and Dave. What I think I like most about the book is that the characters are realistic and are the "type" a reader might know, be neighbors with, and/or be friends with. The story is also one that a reader can well relate to and that is a check in my pro column as well. Another good read from John Simpson and I look forward to others.

Book Blurb for Jack and Dave

m/m, contemporary
Page Count:  210 
Just out of the service, Dave Henderson is home and ready to enjoy the sexual freedom he didn’t have in the Marine Corps. When he meets Jack Stonner at a party thrown by a neighbor, Dave is immediately attracted to him and launches a seduction, one that starts with sex but soon grows into love.
Then Dave draws the fierce attentions of a local mobster, and Dave’s new employers at a local law firm insist that Dave continue to conduct business with him. Jack and Dave's new relationship may be derailed, because Franklin Venchenzo is used to taking what he wants by force—and Jack is standing in his way.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50