Human Nature

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Human Nature

Dominic is a werewolf and he is left for dead on an isolated estate owned by Gage, a reclusive demon, and kept up by Gage's human servant, Randall. Dominic finds the refuge he needs there in order to heal both physically and mentally. Gage doesn't want Dominic to be there, even for a second, but bows to Randall's insistence.

All parties involved tried to keep each other at arm's length, but that is impossible to do the more time they each spend in each other's company. It is Dominic that brings things to a head as he is the catalyst not only for Gage's and Randall's relationship deepening, but for the three of them being together.

But there are secrets that need to come to light before the three of them are able to form a relationship and they hinge on Randall and his basic nature. Will these secrets destroy the relationship before it even begins? Or will Gage, Randall, and Dominic be able to work things out after the estate's isolation is breached?

Human Nature is a story of cynicism, world-weariness, and of trying to do your best while staying true to yourself. It is also a story of what looks like betrayal - and is up to a point - but is nothing more than a man trying to stay true to himself, even knowing that he might lose the trust of someone he loves. It is about finding love in spite of, or maybe even because of, differences that seem insurmountable at first sight.  Good reading!

Book Blurb for Human Nature

Paranorma/Werewolves/Molten Silver

Left for dead by hunters, werewolf Dominic finds refuge at the isolated home of reclusive demon Gage and his human servant Randall. Healing from the attack, physically and mentally, Dominic has no choice but to rely on his grudging host and his enigmatic assistant.

Hidden away from humans for decades, the last thing Gage wants is a werewolf bringing trouble to his doorstep. Keeping Randall at arm’s length is problematic enough, but allowing Dominic to stay seems like the safest option--at least until Gage finds himself drawn to Dominic as much as he is to Randall.

Randall has his own reasons for driving Dominic into Gage’s arms. It’s only a matter of time until Gage discovers the secrets Randall’s been keeping--secrets that will surely destroy their fragile, undefined relationship. Still, the pull of the powerful desire that binds them all leaves him wishing there was a way to keep them both.

But as the outside world encroaches on Gage’s sanctuary, all those secrets are about to collide, unleashing a dangerous tide of betrayal, deception and love, and all three men will have to re-evaluate their priorities, their relationships, and who--or what--they are.

Contains: Menage, graphic M/M & M/M/M sexual practices, violence.


Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.50