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A lot of misunderstandings can occur when first contact is made after a fashion with a very reclusive race: trade negotiations are initiated and the Coyote Federation is offered information in return. The problem is that the information is in the form of coordinates for a world that is suitable for human habitation.

What the reconnaissance mission finds out when they reach the coordinates, the mission's members find that the "world" is part of a massive sphere that is composed entirely of hexagonal habitats.

Hex appealed to me on a couple different levels.

One, I always like well-written, plausible science fiction and Hex is that, in my opinion.

Two, I like the world that the Danui engineered. They built it, it supports many different types of races/peoples and their intrinsic habitats and needs, and there is also room for everyone to expand.

Finally, I like the rules: play nice, "call before coming over", respect each other, break the rules and there are no second chances.

I look forward to reading more within the Coyote universe.

Book Blurb for Hex

The two-time Hugo Award-winner expands the universe of his Coyote saga.

The danui, a reclusive arachnid species considered the galaxy's finest engineers, have avoided contact with the Coyote Federation. Until, that is, the danui initiate trade negotiations, offering only information: the coordinates for an unoccupied world suitable for human life-a massive sphere, composed of billions of hexagons.

But when the Federation's recon mission goes terribly wrong, the humans realize how little they know about their new partners...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50