Hell Dogs Squadron 2: Angle of Attack

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Hell Dogs Squadron 2: Angle of Attack

Cameron Bradshaw is a Navy Lieutenant and currently recovering from a motorcycle accident that is more than it seems at Division P.  Mason Flynn, the doctor who initially treated Cameron, is simply going through the motions while wondering where Cameron has gone.  Things change drastically when Mason thinks that his house has been broken into and Mason winds up running.  Will Cam be able to save Mason? And will things be able to work out between them?

Hell Dogs Squadron 2: Angle of Attack was a quick read that was made all the quicker due to the action involved.  I liked the characters and the story arc that looks to be continued in other segments.  Look forward to reading more of the series.

Book Blurb for Hell Dogs Squadron 2: Angle of Attack

Lt. Cameron Bradshaw is languishing on the compound of Division P recovering from his motorcycle accident. Dr. Mason Flynn is going through the motions of work while he secretly frets over thoughts of the injured pilot. When Mason suspects someone has broken into his house, the people responsible for a stolen missile and Cam's accident escalate the affair, and soon Mason is running for his life. Can Cam save Mason from an assassination attempt?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 5.00