Heart Of Stone

It is Poseidon's fault that Medusa was the recipient of Athena's wrath, and yet, he knows that she is the only woman for him. He is set on claiming her as his and willing to fight.

She is no wilting flower and is willing to make Poseidon work for the privilege.

He has brought his servants with him, and they could very well be his secret weapon.

I enjoyed reading the story, and would recommend it to others, I would have liked to see more of it.

One thing I would have liked to see is 'what comes next?' Another is to know more of Thanos' and Belen's histories.

Outside of that, it was a great read.

Book Blurb for Heart Of Stone

Poseidon, god of the sea, knows one thing--Medusa is the woman he intends to claim and he’s willing to fight for her. Unfortunately, it’s his fault that she met the goddess Athena’s wrath. Worse, when she needed him most, he’d turned tail and run. Now he’s back, ready to do whatever it takes to gain her forgiveness and prove to her he’s still the man who needs and loves her.

Doesn’t mean he has to fight fair…

He’s brought his servants--also his lovers--with him. Her pleasure will be their pleasure and he’ll prove his love by sharing everything he holds dear. And if things go awry, the men’s skill as warriors will be an added boon. It’s a solid plan … if she doesn’t turn him to stone first.

Warning: M/M/F/M with another M or two thrown in, can't have too many ya'know!

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00