Heal My Wolf

When Brandt and Tyr "meet", it seems like an unlikely bond will form between the two men considering that Brandt is a wolf shifter and Tyr is a forest cat shifter - and neither is looking for the other due to their own reasons. Yet it does and they become closer. Will they be able to work things out as roadblocks (intentional or not) are put in their way?

I found HEAL MY WOLF to be a good read and, of all the characters in it, Tyr to be my favorite because while gentle, he is strong, he can bend, but will not break.

Book Blurb for Heal My Wolf

Brandt is sent off to scout out new land at Corey, his alpha's, command. But when he gets caught in a flash flood and his car overturns, he wakes up in the bed of one sexy man. Brandt is attracted right away to Tyr, a healer, and from the look of the tented pants, the feeling is mutual. There's one problem--Tyr is a forest cat shifter. Dogs and cats mating? Yeah, probably not. But neither man is willing to give up the chance to have the other, even if it lasts the few days that Brandt waits for the roads to clear.

When a few nights in bed with Tyr aren't enough, Brandt invites him to come home with him. Gentle Tyr has been used to giving in to the stronger men around him, if only to keep the peace, but he's never met a man that makes him feel like Brandt does. One of his former lovers doesn't want to let him go, but Brandt is more than a match. Broken promises, misunderstandings, and heartache await the two of them at the fenrir homestead. Especially when Tyr using his healing abilities reveals what kind of shifter he is to the other wolves. Brandt must save Tyr's life and decide whether dogs and cats can be bonded mates, and make it all work out in the end.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00