Hard Candy, Soft Cream

Hard Wood, Soft Heart

It's Valentine's Day and Saul Tidewater and Mercer Braun couldn't be more different in how they view the holiday - with good reason.

Mercer looks forward to it, Saul doesn't. And the apprehension seems justified when they wind up hiking in the desert looking for Alfred, Mercer's friend.

Hard Candy, Soft Cream wouldn't have worked as well for me as a story if it wasn't focused on what happened to Saul and Mercer during one 24 hour or so period and if it wasn't part of, yet separate from, a bigger story.

Given that, it gave a great glimpse into the characters, their personalities, and how they fit together.

Quick, enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Hard Candy, Soft Cream

Join Mercer and Saul from the novel Hard Wood, Soft Heart in a standalone Valentine's Day novella that will bring heat, tears and laughter to your cold winter days.

Mercer Braun is a former baseball player whose career was stolen from him by a chronic heart condition. Saul Tidewater is a heart surgeon who moved to Las Vegas to escape a bitter divorce and the tragedy at the break-up's core.

They've only known each other for nine months, but their love pulses strong and their passion burns magnificently. But when a secret is kept on Valentine's Day not only is the strength of their relationship put to the test, but their very lives are put at risk.

This is a story of how timeless love can rise up out of the ashes of tragedy. This is the story of how eternal love is born and kept.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00