Great Expectations (Splinter Edition)

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Great Expectations (Splinter Edition)

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Of the Charles Dickens books I have read, Great Expectations is my favorite. For me, the books is all Dickens: The events that become turning points, the different paths in life, how far you can go, how low you can be brought down, how assumptions can cloud a person's vision, and finding the true character of someone when faced with adversity. It is also a story of how the highest born can have the cruelest heart and the lowest of the low is the most generous. it can be said that Great Expectations is, at its core, a lesson in not only looking beyond the obvious, but also looking no further than your own home for the greatest love. Very good read indeed.

Philip "Pip" Pirrip lives with his sister and her husband and is bound for the blacksmith's trade until he starts being called up to Miss Havisham's house every so often. While there, he meets Estella. Although Estella is cold and cruel to him, he is of the belief that she is his true love. One day, Pip winds up with a mysterious benefactor, who offers him a chance of a gentleman's life in London. But is the benefactor who Pip thinks it is or is it someone else, someone more sinister, from his past? And what of Estella and how she sees him now?

Book Blurb for Great Expectations (Splinter Edition)

When Philip Pirrip--nicknamed Pip--is forced by an escaped convict to steal food and supplies from his meager home, he doesn't know that this event will transform his life. One of Dickens's most popular novels, Great Expectations follows the orphaned Pip as he grows from poverty into a gentleman, becoming entangled with the strange Miss Havisham and her beautiful but coldhearted ward, Estella, and coming into a fortune from an unknown benefactor. This engrossing work, which recently celebrated its 150th birthday, remains one of Dickens's best.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00