Gage's Awakening

Lost Shifter, 16

I liked Gage’s Awakening overall. The key points, for me, are how Gage's and Branson's relationship develops over the course of the story, the secrets Gage learns that could (very well) be the key to some of his experiences, and how he interacts with his coworkers and friends (and they with him).

While I did like the story, I do have a couple minor quibbles with it. Gage's Awakening can be read as a standalone in the context that it is Gage's and Branson's story, a few of the relationships and things mentioned I believe would work better within the context of having read the previous installments of the Lost Shifter series. The other quibble I have is that, in the latter portion of the story, it is mentioned that Gage has nightmares. I do not know about other readers, but I would have liked to know more about those nightmares. Are they related to his childhood? To his time on the streets? Or Something else?

All in all, a good read.

Book Blurb for Gage's Awakening

Hawk shifter Gage has never felt like he fit in—not when he was a teen struggling to survive on the streets and not now that he’s part of the coalition. But he puts on a happy face to hide his feelings and his battles with his inner demons. The only thing that brings Gage any happiness is Branson, a blind Lion shifter who is sexy as hell and smarter the rest of the coalition put together. Too bad Branson has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with Gage.

Branson has no idea why a hot young Hawk sifter would want damaged goods like him. For years, the rest of the coalition has ignored Branson and he’s gotten used to the solitude, making Gage’s attentions particularly unsettling. Despite his misgivings, Branson finds himself becoming more and more drawn to Gage.

Then a shocking secret from Gage’s past is revealed—a secret that could destroy not only the Hawk, but the whole coalition. Branson finds himself facing the biggest dilemma of all—does he choose the coalition or the man who’s managed to capture his heart?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00