Fourth and Forever

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I picked this book for review, but I wound up really enjoying it.

While the first chapters talk about how Josh and his wife met, his being drafted into the Army, his subsequent decision to make it a career and what happened to his wife, the main portion of the story centers around the first year or so after the death of Josh Edwards' wife and how Josh and his son, Bobby deal with it and how they move on.

Parts of the story may come across as contrived and, well, scripted, but I think they may be forgiven for what the story brings to the reader. At least that is my opinion.

I liked how Josh became a father figure to the team and how his experiences in the Army (and his willingness to talk about them) made the players better able to understand themselves and the game. (Ironically enough, for me, it was that part that made me understand the game better myself being more of a history buff myself than a sports one.)

Would recommend this to others.

Book Blurb for Fourth and Forever

Fourth and Forever - To escape the lingering sorrow of his wife's death, Josh Edwards, forty-four, a retired Army helicopter pilot, journeys with his son to Missoula, Montana to start life anew. Josh's son, Bobby, enrolls at The University of Montana, where he hopes to make the football team as a walk-on. Josh, a skilled football kicker and passer, is observed by the Grizzlies coach as he and Bobby work out on the practice field. When tryouts arrive, Josh finds himself being invited to join the team. Thus begins a season of trials and tribulation where Josh becomes mentor and father-figure to his teammates, as the University of Montana Grizzlies make a run for the Division I National Championship.

Fourth and Forever is about football, relationships, love, integrity, and honor.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50