Forgiving Jason

Men of Riverside Series, #5

A lovely story (despite the instance when Steve is attacked) about coming into your own and being who you are. It is also a story about forgiveness and love.

This is a wonderful addition to the series.

Book Blurb for Forgiving Jason

Jason vows to protect Steve from the bigots who attacked him, but can Steve forgive Jason for what he’s done?

Steve Jacobi is a window washer who is very focused on his financial independence. He’s always known that he’s bisexual, but never had the courage to approach one of the men he was interested in. Relationships have taken a back seat in his life...until goes car shopping and meets Jason Fortin.

Jason is a fun-loving salesman who likes his job. He hasn’t come out because he’s never met a man he was interested enough in. Yet he has no problem approaching Steve, and their relationship quickly develops to the point where Jason is ready for more.

But when bigots attack Steve, Jason reconsiders. Can Steve forgive him for the pain his protectiveness causes them both?

Reader Advisory: This book is the fifth in this series and the stories, while they can be read on their own, are best read in sequence. 

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00