Flawed Boys

Generally speaking, anthologies are hit and miss for me. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don't, and sometimes it may be one or two stories that I really like.

Which leaves Flawed Boys as a bit of a conundrum for me. I like the concept put forth in the anthology, I liked the progression between the May-December story that was first to the pair being much closer in age in the last story, and I also liked that the stories are different enough from my normal reading to be interesting.

I think my main issue is with "Slacker", the first story in the anthology. I like it because Robert comes to term with who he is and the relationship he has with Cecil and states that not everyone would understand it and it does seem to work for them in the storyline. I think what I have the issue with is how disparate the age is between the characters and the wording.

The anthology is a good read, but it may not be for everyone.

Book Blurb for Flawed Boys

"Flawed Boys" offers four erotic tales of men falling in love with troubled souls.

In "Slacker", nineteen year-old Robert's a high school dropout with ADHD, a limp, and confidence problems. Alcohol and marijuana are Robert's weaknesses. When he meets forty-year-old Cecil on a construction job, Robert feels attracted to the older man. Cecil offers Robert a job and a home, but there's a catch: Robert must abandon his self-destructive behaviors. Can Robert master his demons? Can he become the man he wants to be?

In "The Boy From Willow Creek", an San Francisco Internet hookup between a closeted man and a boy who's running from his past turns into something more than either guy expected. Despite their differences, can each man find what he needs in the other?

In "Dream Boy", Keith Reinhardt, a loner in his mid-thirties, finds himself involved with Riley Davenport, a community college student who can't perform in bed. Can Keith handle Riley's psychological issues? Can Riley overcome his fear of intimacy?

In "The Little Prince", Will Mittemeyer's a working class kid with a college scholarship. He's home on summer break, mowing lawns for cash. Eric's a Brown University student from a wealthy family. The two meet when Will grooms Eric's yard. Will is repelled by Eric's haughty attitude, but soon learns it's all a front. Can the two become friends and perhaps more?

We all dream of ideal lovers, but often we settle for less. And sometimes less-than-perfect men are exactly what we need. Read about it in the pages of Flawed Boys.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.00