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Firestorm is the kind of book that I don't read often enough and then wonder why. A good part of why I like the book (and what I have read of the series so far) is that it appeals to me on a couple of different levels.

One, it appeals to me on the 'alternate history' level in that it is set during what is/was World War II and the author shows the divisions brilliantly.

On another level, it appeals to the SF/F fan in me with the additions of the Grik, the Lemurians, and other creatures such as the whale fish. I really like seeing these additions and how the different people deal with them.

Another reason I find this book (and the series) appealing is how Taylor Anderson takes "what if" something happened (or didn't) and works it into what really could have been.

Finally, there is the "Holy Dominion", how it came into being, how it was worked into the story and how things worked out in the end.

I would recommend this book (and the series) to anyone who enjoys science fiction, alternate history and a very good story.

Book Blurb for Firestorm

Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker find themselves caught between the nation they swore to defend and the allies they promised to protect. For even as the Allies and the Empire of New Britain Isles stand united against the attacks of both the savage Grik and the tenacious Japanese, the "Holy Dominion"-a warped mixture of human cultures whose lust for power overshadows even the Grik-is threatening to destroy them both with a devastating weapon neither can withstand.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50