Echoes of Passion

Part of the Hunters for Hire series.

Daegon Bosaru is an officer with the Secret Sciences Police and he has found out that his dying father's reputation is being besmirched by lies. But whose?  He also believes that the madman who had destroyed his and his family's home world is still alive. While there were survivors, the planet is uninhabitable.

He travels to the "Unnamed Planet" to look for the madmen amongst the survivors and their progeny.  It is there that he meets the mysterious Imreem Dal - a woman who, he comes to find out, is the niece of the man he is looking for.  But are appearances all they appear? Can both of them, and their friends and allies, look beyond those appearances? And will a madman finally be stopped?

Echoes of Passion is a wonderfully crafted story that reaches for the emotions of its readers.  It is a tale of space travel, searching for the truth, and looking beyond the obvious. Echoes is also a tale of love, finding it in unexpected ways, and of hope and of how that hope can survive even under the harshest conditions.

Book Blurb for Echoes of Passion

Neotia Prime. The home world of the Neoti and the Vozuans was destroyed by a doomsday device twenty years ago, but the troubles and unrest that led to the event still plague those who resettled on the twin planet.

When Daegon Bosaru arrives on the unnamed world, determined to uncover who is out to smear his dying father's good name, he discovers that the tragedies of that civil war still haunt those who remain. Not only that, the mysterious, beautiful woman he's been seeing in his dreams over the past twenty years may have information he needs. But when he finally meets Imreen Dal in the flesh, she seems not to know him-and furthermore, she runs from him every time she encounters him. Why?

Rumors persist that the crazed dictator who set off the doomsday device may still be alive.with fresh plans for conquest. Bosaru needs to find out how his father, the mysterious Imreen and the madman are related.and stop another world from being destroyed.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50