Dutch Treat

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Dutch Treat

As with other Andrew Grey books I have read, Dutch Treat is, from start to finish, a wonderful read.

I really enjoyed the characters (even Curtis as I think most readers can think of at least one boss either they or someone they know have had like Curtis), the settings, the storyline, and how the book unfolded.

This is the kind of book that I, as a reader, didn't want to end, but look forward to re-reading it again at a future date as well....and look forward to reading more of Mr. Grey's books too.

Book Blurb for Dutch Treat

When Michael accepts a company assignment overseas, he doesn't count on being dumped by his boyfriend on the way to the airport. The breakup is a bad omen--Michael's time in Europe would be one long misery of loneliness and corporate backbiting if it weren't for his friendship with his coworker, Stephan.

When he finds out Stephan wants more than friendship, Michael is torn. Even if he chooses to risk his one bright relationship in Europe for a chance at love, when this project is over, isn't his only choice to say goodbye?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 5.00