Deconstruction was an interesting read in a good way.

It is a story of two people who come from two different sides of an issue and everything is seemingly going all right between them until it's not.

The cracks come due to a case one has that involves the other's job and things tend to spiral downward because of that and because neither is entirely communicative with the other for various reasons.

There are scenes that readers could find uncomfortable and/or disturbing. They do, however, tie into the overall storyline and Tomas' mindset and, dare I say, how Jon's character plays him?

This is a good, solid read.

Book Blurb for Deconstruction

Escort Tomas and homicide detective Vic have been together three years and expect many more--until Vic's case, a string of hustler murders, hits too close to home. While Vic grows more tense and distant, Tomas finds himself increasingly tangled in the erotic games of a client, Jon, who plays on Tomas's most secret needs. When the killer strikes at the club where Tomas works as a dancer, everything spins into a dizzying mix of sex and love, miscommunication and murder.

Can they stop the killer before things go horribly wrong? Or are they already too late?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.50