Old Poison

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Old Poison

Dangerous Ground, #2

Will Brandt and Taylor MacAlister are not only Special Agents - and partners - for the Department of Diplomatic Security, they are friends who become something more after a camping trip. Is it love or just sex?

It is when Taylor receives a bottle of rice wine with a cobra in it on his birthday that the ante is upped. Will thinks the rice wine has something to do with the past Taylor won't talk about and that it will end any chance of the two of them having a future together. Can they work things out before events take a turn for the worse?

Dangerous Ground 2: Old Poison is a story of love, revenge, ties to the past, being haunted by one's past, and being able to move on. The story is also about different kinds of relationships - friendships, work relationships, and the kind of relationships that develop into something more. Time well spent in reading this novella!

Book Blurb for Old Poison

Someone from DSS Special Agent Taylor MacAllister’s past -- the past he doesn’t discuss with his partner and now-lover Will Brandt -- wants him scared. Dead scared. Or maybe just dead. Will fears the past will end a future romance. Or any future at all.

(This book was previously released through Loose Id Publishing.)

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.50