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Pieter Van Leyden's family owns a sugar cane plantation on Sint Maarten and, after time away with relatives in Europe, he comes to realize that he is especially fond of one of his family's slaves that he has grown up around.

When his father finds out, he not only sells Joss and Joss's sister and mother, but privately disowns Pieter from his life, if not from his will.

Pieter goes back to his European relatives, where he meets Sebastian Cane briefly when both hire the same coach. Pieter returns to Sint Maarten and the family plantation only upon his father's death.  Due to his own beliefs, and the direction he eventually believes that will guide the Dutch government, he sets the plantation up in trust for the family slaves and goes in search of work elsewhere.

He winds up in Louisiana and looks for work as a sugar cane plantation manager, finding his way to Sebastian's place where, by coincidence, Joss has also wound up.

What follows is a story of differing viewpoints, growing relationships, old truths and relationships coming to light, and how two people who love each other may (or may not) find that love just might not be enough as the winds of war start blowing.

I found Cane to be a great read.  I found the characters of Pieter, Sebastian, Joss, and other secondary characters to be quite believable and shown as the different products - and viewpoints - of their times.  The story also shows that not everything is black or white, but different shades of grey. This is a wonderful book that I would recommend to others.

Book Blurb for Cane

# of pages or word count: 203 pages

Genre: Historical M/M erotic romance

Heat rating: 3 Novas

Privileged young Pieter may have grown up on a sugar cane plantation, but that doesn't mean he agrees with the way his father runs things. He falls in love with Joss, one of his father's slaves, and their affair sets off a chain of events that is destined to tear them apart.

When Pieter's father dies, he returns home hoping to find Joss. It's too late for their love, but maybe it's not too late for Pieter to find happiness. As he makes his way to America, Pieter realizes old conflicts still rage, and even as he finds a new love, danger stalks his every move.

Can Pieter learn to overcome the hate and fear that threaten to tear his world apart?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.50