Calling Dr Love

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Calling Dr Love

When two men, both with their share of pride and ego, meet by chance and sparks fly, will they have a chance of making something of it? Or will their pride and egos get in the way?

Phil Andrews comes from a small town background - which he left behind because of the inherent attitudes. Due to a lack of education and work experience, Phil uses what he has - mainly his looks - to make ends meet and he does this by working as a go-go dancer at night and gay porn during the weekends.

Christopher Love is a successful, and intelligent, plastic surgeon. He finds one thing lacking in his life - a partner that he not only finds attractive, but one who would be able to meet his demanding nature.  Chris thought this was impossible until he met Phil.

They are two men who come from two different stations in life - one an upstanding member of his community, the other a drop out with a record.  While their physical attraction does create a bond, will their differences drive them apart? Or will they be able to work past them?

I found Calling Dr. Love to be a bit of a Cinderella story - in a good way - for both of the main characters.  It was also a book about being able to work past your own weaknesses in order to grab on, with both hands, to something good that had the potential to be something great. Would recommend it to others and also wouldn't mind seeing the characters again in another story.

Book Blurb for Calling Dr Love

Pride and ego make a very unlikely combination for finding true love. Unless you discover another who is your mirror image.
Twenty-five year old Phil Andrews left his family in Eastern Washington to escape the small town attitudes of his siblings and the locals to be free to be himself in the liberal area of West Hollywood. But without an education or work experience to fall back on, Phil uses his good looks and physique to make ends meet, working as a go-go boy at night, and a gay porn star on the weekends.
Intelligent, out of the closet, Dr. Christopher Love was thirty-three years old and a success in everything but his relationships. He knew his life was lacking something, a partner to share it with. Trying to find the kind of man he found attractive sexually and one who was also was willing to bend to his demands was an impossible task. Until he met Phil Andrews.
Two men, two opposite worlds. One educated at the finest schools, an asset to the community, a philanthropist and a surgeon, the other, a high-school drop-out, former drug addict with a criminal record, meet during a stormy night while the lights are blacked out. The physical attraction bonds them instantly, but soon their differences bring to the surface that deadly pride.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50