Caging the Beast

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Caging the Beast

Book four in the Creations Series

Tarn is known as the Destroyer of the Otherworld Army and has spent many years fighting for his people and policing rogue Ebrellions in the Vrail System. It is when he agrees to do a dangerous job to help his nephew that things change. For it is on the lawless Outer Rim - where he plays the part of a slave - that Tarn meets the slave known as "the Beast"./p>

"The Beast" is the title bestowed on Zachem'zen because he has never been beaten. His success is due to his being a Creation and he was designed this way. Zachem is neither happy with nor resigned to his situation (he was captured while escaping those who created him), but he is content for the time being to await the perfect moment to escape.

Will Tarn be able to complete the mission he's on and be able to have a relationship with Zachem? Will Zachem be willing to work things out with Tarn or will the cost be too high?

Caging the Beast was an interesting read - especially seeing how the two strong willed characters danced around each other and how each of them dealt with the situation they were in. Both are under pressure in different ways and both want "out".

A different kind of read that provides a few hours of enjoyable reading.

Book Blurb for Caging the Beast

Futuristic/ Gay/ Light BDSM
The beast: a slave to his past and his present, but not to his future...or the sexy new master he's decided to keep.

Tarn has spent decades fighting for his kind. Known as the Destroyer of the Otherworld Army, he's been using his time in the Vrail System to police rogue Ebrellions. To help his nephew, he takes on a dangerous job and lands in the Outer Rim, where the law doesn't exist.

Once a leader of warriors, he's now playing the part of a slave--with a mission. To retrieve a rare crystal and prevent an interplanetary war. He can't let anyone, not even the beast, distract him from doing his job.

Zachem'zen is known in the slave pens as "the beast." A brawler of planetary renown, he's never been beaten. But then, his kind were designed to be stronger than the strongest in the System. A Creation on the run from peacemakers, he trusted the wrong people and wound up a slave on Colony6. He's never been happy, but he's been content to bide his escape. Until a new slave rocks his world.

Tarn's dominant desire makes him hungry for more. The passion between them burns hot, but Zachem has no intention of being anyone's slave for much longer. The commanding Tarn, however, has other ideas.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of m/m intimacy, voyeurism, and light bondage, dominance and submission.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.25