Burkett Isle

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Burkett Isle

Josh Finley and Ben Gregory, his boyfriend, are both friends with Joey Brandt, Josh's ex.  They have known each other since they were small and they are all heading to Burkett Isle for the weekend.  There are a few twists and turns that include Joey wanting Josh back, a serial killer, and a discovery that not only turns everything on its ear, but could very well be the death of one of the trio - literally.

Burkett Isle was an interesting story about friends, partners, exes, trust, and asking yourself whether or not you really know someone. It asks how far a person might be willing to go to get a former lover back, as well as how far the person may be willing to go in order to keep a deadly secret.  A good read, but would have liked to see it in a longer format to get to know more about the characters.

Book Blurb for Burkett Isle

# of pages or word count: 54 pages

Contemporary erotic romantic suspense - m/m

Heat rating: 3 Novas

Josh Finley is in an interesting situation. He and his current boyfriend, Ben Gregory, are friends with Josh's ex, Joey Brandt. When they all head out for a weekend of relaxation on Burkett Isle, owned by Ben's family, Josh isn't sure what to do. Joey's still hung up on him, but Josh loves Ben.

To top it off, a serial killer is stalking the lower end of the city's population and now he has his sights set on Josh. The trick is to lure Josh from his friends, but how?

When Josh makes a gruesome discovery, however, it changes everything. And it may very well be the end for one of them.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.50