Broken Memories

In The Shadow Of The Wolf #2

I liked quite a bit about this story - the writing style, the characters, the pace, and the ending.

What I enjoyed about the story's characters is how their personalities intertwined. Sam Harrison is looking for security and stability, but isn't a "watering pot" by any means. He gains what he looks for, unexpectedly, from Doug McKenna. Doug comes off as a tough as nails type of person who doesn't need anyone, but has a soft heart. They learn from each other and grow throughout the story.

I think I liked the ending best of all. Some ends are tied, yes, but in such a way that the reader can look forward to the next installment without having to wonder "but what about this or that?" least I didn't.

Good read.

Book Blurb for Broken Memories

Sam Harrison remembers nothing of his former life. All he knows is that he has nightmares that won't leave him alone and an irrational fear of shifting from human to wolf.

Doug McKenna has little respect for any wolf that isn't strong. That Sam was nearly broken is something he can't reconcile. Still, Sam needs looking after, and Doug decides to prove to Sam he has nothing to fear with an Alpha by his side.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00