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Bone Tear

A Love Story

For me, it is hard to pick and choose what makes Bone Tear: A Love Story such a wonderful read.  Since that is the case, I will talk about a few of them.

The first is, naturally, the setting: 8th century Great Britain.  I've always been drawn to historical fiction - it's akin to giving water to a thirsty person - but to see a time in history being brought alive, well, that is something else again.  Mr. Hauca does this beautifully - the reader, I think, will come away with a good sense of the time period without either it being prettied up or bogged down in gore.

The second is, of course, love and how the characters grow into it as they learn about each other how to deal with each other.

The third relates to the second - characters. The main characters - Bridget, Vortimer, Celestine - are brick just as the secondary characters - Bridget and Celestine's father, Varduc, Glendon, the abess, Calgwyn, and Bridget's maids (Gwenthe and Mathilde) - are the mortar in the story.  Together all of them form a cohesive binding.

Rounding out all of these points are the subplots that are a part of the main story, that being a Viking invasion and how Bridget's father aims to keep them out when he can't seem to trust his own vassals.  When he chooses the course of having Bridget marry Vortimer, the rest weaves into the story - betrayal from expected and unexpected sources, murder of enemies both old and new, conflict both known and unknown amongst family members and 'magick' of the herbal remedy sort.

The only teensy little bit of trouble that I had with the book is Bridget.  While I really liked the character, and she grew into herself throughout the story, I do wish for one thing.  That she would have had a smaller blind spot with regard to Celestine.

Outside of that, Bone Tear was a great read and I will definitely recommend it to others.

Book Blurb for Bone Tear

Set in 8th century Great Britain, "Bone Tear: A Love Story" brims with conflict, love, murder, sex, betrayal and 'magick' as the king must betrothe his reluctant daughter Bridget to the stoic Vortimer. Bridget's elder sister, the sociopathic Celestine, seethes at their union and is determined that SHE is to bear the next heir.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.75