Bodyguards in Love: Taming BlackDog Four

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Bodyguards in Love: Taming BlackDog Four

Book four in the Bodyguards in Love Series

Jake, Lobo, Carlo and Renaldo are bodyguards and are known as Black Dog Four and the idea behind their team was to see if lovers, rather than simply friends, worked better as a team.  The test went well until the time that the person they were sent to protect was killed.  Afterward, they did not work together again.

At least not until Addy Constantine needed round the clock protection in order to make her father's empire aboveboard....especially with her stepbrother in prison.  Even so, she needs the men of Black Dog Four due to threats being made from different sources in different ways.

Taming Black Dog Four is a nice addition to the Bodyguards in Love series.  I found reading the novella to be thoroughly enjoyable - especially how the characters dealt and interacted with each other.  Not only Jake, Lobo, Carlo and Renaldo, but Addy and Joe and Alec, Lon and Taggert as well - the way everyone dealt with their issues (both personal and professional), how they dealt with unexpected news, and how they worked together.

Would recommend the novella - and the series - to other readers.

Book Blurb for Bodyguards in Love: Taming BlackDog Four

Contemporary/ Gay/ Ménage à Quatre/ MM



The bodyguards of Black Dog Four had been carefully chosen for looks, temperament, battle skills and sexuality. In the tradition of the Spartans, the idea was to see if lovers worked better as a team than merely friends. The experiment had seemed like a complete success until they'd been sent to guard Maria Valdez. After Maria was killed in an explosion, all four men had refused to work together. 

Addy Constentine needed around-the-clock security if she hoped to legitimise her father's empire. With her stepbrother now in prison, Addy's goal was to keep the family out of the underworld it had been entrenched in for decades. 

With death threats coming from several different sources, Addy needed the best. She needed the men of Black Dog Four.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50