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Bleeding Out


Bleeding Out is an edge of the seat ride that keeps the reader guessing through the end. While generally not a fan of first person narrative, Bleeding Out is an instance when it is done right and something would have been lost if it was written in third person. It was a quick read, but only in the sense that I couldn't put it down once I started it. What made the book come alive for me is the external "tangle" of events that seemed to emphasize Tess's internal conflict and how the two parallel events both worked off each other and how they wound up aiding in a solution to both dilemmas. The ending was, for me, perfect for the book. Not everyone may like it, but I wouldn't change a thing. Can't wait to see what comes next from the author.

Tess Corday is dealing with quite a few mysteries even when on leave from her job. First, there is the question of her heritage. Second is her investigation (not authorized) into a drug that seems to be irresistible to vampires. Then there are the deaths she is a sked to help investigate. All of which, when taken separately and together, leave her feeling cold and alone and distance her a little bit from her family. It will depend on how things resolve themselves to see what her future holds.

Book Blurb for Bleeding Out

From the author of Infernal Affairs comes a story of murder. mayhem, and demon relations. Is this really the vacation Tess was looking for?

Though she’s on leave from the Occult Special Investigations squad, Tess Corday is still grappling with her own personal mysteries. But finding out the truth about her demonic heritage has been more difficult than she expected. Plus, her unauthorized investigation into an addictive new vampire street drug is driving a stake between her and her undead boyfriend. Then Vancouver’s premier necromancer turns up dead. Tess suspects that the cases are related. And her suspicions will lead her into a paranormal showdown that can—and will—change the course of her life forever.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50