Green's Hill Werewolves, #6

Sacrifice, love, learning to live within your limitations, going above and beyond, and coming into your own. Between Teague, Jack and Katy, Being has it all.

Like other Amy Lane stories I have read, I liked this one - the characters, what the story conveys, and the storytelling.

While Being can be read by itself (as how Jack, Teague and Katy learn how to deal with themselves and with each other while by they are alone in a cabin is the nucleus of Being), I believe it should be read as intended - as part of a series. Some of the events and characters alluded to, mentioned, and certain character dynamics will make more sense if read that way.

Good read.

Book Blurb for Being

Teague has never asked for anything in his entire life. Until now.

The wedding is over and the real work has begun. Teague was almost killed in the line of duty, and everyone has felt the consequences. While Jack, Teague, and Katy grapple with Teague's injuries and their implications, the Lady Cory who protects them all is forced to deal with an entirely different development-one she is almost completely unaware of. But when Teague needs help protecting his mates, Cory and Bracken jump into action. Literally.

But Cory almost died saving Teague's life, and now she's the one who needs saving. Teague Sullivan has been willing to sacrifice everything in defense of his queen and his lovers except his pride. Will he be able to live with the consequences of asking for help?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50