Dark Reign, #3

Throughout Atonement, there is a good flow, reasonable conflict (and character motivation behind it), and an overall good pace for the length of the story.

While I did like the story, I did have some issues with it. One, even though there is good flow and the story does go from Point A to Point B to Point C, I would have liked to see those points fleshed out a little bit more. Same goes for number two - the characters. Within the context of the story, for me, what I read of the characters was only enough to whet my appetite, but not enough to connect with them.

I think that, since Atonement is part of a series, it would be better for readers to read the story as part of the series as I do not believe that it works well as a standalone read. I think a good reason for that is (and I could be wrong, not having read the previous two installments) due to interconnecting threads with previous installments.

Book Blurb for Atonement

Marcus Deleon has spent most of his life saving his fellow weres from the hands of his ex-lover, the vampire Dalton Gray. Now he's facing an all-out war after one of his Enforcers kills several of Gray's guards. The allies he has to rely on can be counted on one hand until unexpected help arrives, bearing the fragile body of an injured were child and inside knowledge into Gray's operations.

This is part of a series that should be read in order.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.00