After Arsenic and Rio

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After Arsenic and Rio

Arsenic and Rio Book 2

It has been many years since Marshall Calletti almost killed Angelo Farelli - the love of his life.
Since then, Marshall has tried to move on. He has served his time, has been through therapy, and started his own business.  He has even gone so far as to buy a house with Roger, his new lover.
There are a few minor details that keep Marshall's life from being perfect. One is that he still loves Angelo, two is that Marshall has dreams about him.  The last is that the man who had brought Marshall and Angelo together in the first place - an evil and manipulative man by the name of Hal Makin - may be up for parole.
Will Marshall and Angelo be able to find a life together? Or will Hal win in more ways than one?
After Arsenic and Rio was a wonderfully written story.  It is about love, redemption, guilt, forgiveness and about trying to find ways to move on when given actions may not be wholly a person's own - and then living with those consequences.  Marshall and Angelo do find ways to move on after tragic circumstances and find that new circumstances might have something new in store for them.
Great read and very well recommended.

Book Blurb for After Arsenic and Rio

Genre: Gay Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Pages: 193
Flame Rating: 4 Flames 
Years ago, Marshall had almost killed the only man he'd ever love. Can love finally heal all wounds, and grant forgiveness?
Marshall Calletti has experienced many changes in his life. He's done his time and left his jaded past behind him, gone through therapy, started his own business and even bought a house with his new lover. Life would have been perfect if he could have stopped dreaming about Angelo, the man he'd almost killed over a decade ago, because in spite of all the changes, one thing had remained constant, his undying love for the enigmatic Angelo Farelli.
But just as the evil, manipulative Hal Makin brought Marshall and Angelo together years ago, he was about to bring them together again when it is learned that Hal may be up for parole. 
Don't miss the explosive and emotional sequel to Arsenic and Rio. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50