Abstract Realism

Abstract Realism is a relatively short read (82 pages all told), but it seems longer - in a good way. While I would have liked it to be longer because I liked the characters and how they developed, the length was just right for the story.

Good read and it sparked an interest in reading more of Mr. Kendrick's works.

Tonio was viciously attacked by the lover of someone he had met with once. Since the attack he has lived in fear and has issues with certain social situations.

After a showing for his art, he starts receiving calls from somone he, at first, thinks is a telemarketer which culminate in him realizing it is someone more sinister before a party resulting from good sales from the show.

Jonam is a personal security expert who somewhat officially enters into the picture after the last call Tonio receives and decides to help Tonio.

Will something be able to do something to help Tonio or will it all be for naught? What of the interest that sparks between them?

Book Blurb for Abstract Realism

Tonio, an artist, is in seclusion after being viciously attacked by the lover of a casual acquaintance in an act of jealousy which scarred Tonio inside and out.

Tonio's only contact with the world is his sister Jessie, who implores him to shed his self-imposed exile. When his paintings go on display at a gallery, Jessie convinces Tonio to attend the opening night and a party to be held in his honor.

Jonam, the handsome owner of a close protection service, offers to come to Tonio's aid when Tonio's attacker begins to make new threats. The question then becomes, will Jonam be able to keep Tonio safe, and in the process teach him to accept he is not defined by the scars he carries but by who he is inside? Only if he can, will Tonio be able to live, and love, again.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00