A Symphony of Echoes

This is a sweet story about a disillusioned history professor regaining a little bit of a spark for teaching when an unregistered student starts attending his lectures.

Eric Spears (the professor) also finds himself wanting something more from Arthur, the unregistered student. Will things work out for them? Or will the interference of another student and Eric's own insecurity doom their blossoming relationship?

I found both Eric and Arthur endearing in different ways and Percy reprehensible. I think I understood Percy's actions, as far as it went, but he could have found a different way to go about things.

Nice read with interesting characters.

Book Blurb for A Symphony of Echoes

History professor Eric Spears has grown disillusioned with the academic life he's always been a part of. But when a young man called Arthur starts attending his lectures, he finds his enthusiasm renewed by this unregistered student. For the first time in a long while, Eric longs for a real lover and companion, instead of the casual affairs he's used to. He gets his wish under surprising circumstances, but their blossoming relationship is not without its problems.

Complications arise when Percy, another student of Eric's, begins to take too much of an interest in both of them. Will Eric and Arthur's relationship survive Percy's machinations? Or will Eric lose him due to his own insecurity?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00