A Simple Spring

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A Simple Spring

A Seasons of Lancaster Novel

A Simple Spring is, for me, a book about family, community, different types of bonds, and following a dream - even when it is at odds with the way you were brought up.

That is encapsulated in Sadie's story and how she finds herself at a crossroads during her rumspringa. She feels restricted by Amish ways, but does not wish to fully give up her family either. It is how she makes her way on the road to her decision - and through her interactions with her family and friends - that shows a touching way with words in the story.

A Simple Spring is also a story of a way of life that goes back hundreds of years and that is not always conducive with a modern way of life. It is about change, but also about tradition and keeping that tradition in spite of change.

The book is the second book in Rosalind Lauer's Seasons of Lancaster series, but I think that it can be easily read independently of the first book. However, it might be a good idea to read the first book for continuity.

This is a good read and I look forward to further reading of Ms. Lauer's books.

Book Blurb for A Simple Spring



Although Sadie King is blessed with the voice of an angel, she never thought that following the song in her heart would take her far beyond the strict boundaries of her Amish faith and away from the only home she’s ever known. But during her rumspringa, one road leads to another, and suddenly she’s secretly performing with a band. Now she faces an impossible choice between the music in her heart and the traditions branded upon her soul.

Mike Trueherz is a dedicated young paramedic who finds a kindred spirit in Sadie. Torn between family duty and his desire to pursue a life beyond his father’s rural medical practice, he is inspired by Sadie’s honesty and courage.

While spring unfurls rich colors and bounty through the countryside of Lancaster County, Sadie and Mike must reconcile their families’ expectations with their own callings. Ultimately, their faith in each other and the God that has brought them together will give them the strength and the peace to take a chance—and to make the biggest decision of their lives.

A coming-of-age story reflecting the deepest messages of love, A Simple Spring is music for the heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00